Ever since I became an uncle, already one year ago, I have some new inspiration for crochet projects. Most of them are just ideas in my head that will stay there until my neurotic self approves them for production.

This time, I started working on a children’s toy. The nerd in me wanted to make this… well… nerdy, by incorporating some numbers or geometric figures. I ended thinking make a dice as it may help children be gain familiarity with this shape and numbers.

I found crocheting a cube is not that easy. You can start with a magic loop and working in the round, but in my hands this did not give a symmetrical cube. Alternatively, you may want to use ‘granny squares’, but this results in rather large openings and I found this less suitable for a shape work that should not leak its stuffing.

In the end, I will try to crochet squares Starting in the round, but crocheting them together as one would with granny squares. I hope the result would be something kids would like to play with as much as I enjoyed making it.

Tom van den Bogert @DrKnittyGritty